At 40,000 m2, the factory is one of the largest in Kuwait. Here we use modern production and fabrication methods along with highly skilled staff supervised by experienced Quality Control Engineers. With such a competent steel factory, Kharafi Steel has become a nationwide trade name.

The company is highly regarded for its “3-in-1” philosophy of designing, fabricating, and erecting its projects. This reaffirms the company’s commitment to the client to serve it in the best ways.


Our facilities follow strict online & Post-fabrication Quality Control as per the International Quality System ISO9002 maintaining a high quality of products fabricated by Kharafi Steel.

Quality Control

The factory follows a strict receiving, online, and Post-fabrication Quality Control Assurance and Quality Control as per the International Quality System ISO 9001:2008 to maintain high quality for products fabricated by Kharafi Steel, to ensure that the process-control works under controlled conditions in the specified manned and sequence by using approved procedures for control of inspection, measuring and testing including initial calibration of equipment prior to use.

Quality Testing

    • Non-destructive test.
    • Destructive test.
    • Calibration for measuring inspection & test equipment.
    • UT, MPI, DPI Testing is done in-house.

Operational Machinery


    • Kaltenbach automatic cutting and drilling line.
    • CNC Hydraulic punching machine with 100-ton capacity.
    • CNC Automatic dilling machine.
    • Guillotine shears up to 16mm/5000mm.
    • Press Brakes 150 ton capacity.
    • Overhead Cranes, combined capacity 10 ton/bay at Doha and 3×32 ton & 5 ton plus 3 x 10-ton capacity cranes at Shuaiba.

    • Universal Punching machines 90/60 tons.
    • Cold cutting saw 1000mm x 400mm.
    • Radial Drill 150mm x 1200mm.
    • Automatic gas profile cutting machine with photocell.
    • Plasma plate cutting machine ESAB.
    • Ficep large plates processing CNC machine for drilling/cutting by plasma & oxygen.

    • Automatic Welding machines (SAW).
    • Automatic Sandblasting, painting, and drying line.
    • Built-up beam-making machines up to 1280mm depth & 400mm flange.
    • Conventional rotators for pipe welding.
    • Stud Welding Machine.
    • Paint thickness detector.
    • CNC-operated space frame.

    • Automatic powder coating line.
    • Beveling machines.
    • Semi-automatic welding machines.
    • Plate rolling machines 33mm/3000mm.
    • Panels forming machines, 3 & 5 ribs.
    • C&Z Roll forming machine.
    • Sandwich Panels making machine.
    • Plate bending machine 6000mm.